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*NOTE: All Real Estate law inquiries directed to Michael Fu and JusLaw Legal Services, will be referred to Fawad Siddiqui and Siddiqui Law Office -- Professional Corporation. Michael Fu is a paralegal whose permitted area of practice does not include Real Estate law. Neither Fawad Siddiqui nor employees of Siddiqui Law Office -- P.C. are employees or agents of JusLaw Legal Services. A referral fee may be paid to JusLaw Legal Services from fees collected by Siddiqui Law Office -- P.C. at no additional cost to the client!



Client Testimonials

JUSLAW was a very right choice I made for fighting my traffic ticket. What they did was not only providing legal services as they should, but also explained and educated me how to avoid future tickets. I am very happy with JUSLAW.



JNancy S., Markham

Client Testimonials

Hi, JUSLAW. I could have appeared to the traffic court by myself but I am glad you guys helped me out. I was really busy that day. So happy no points for my driver’s license.



Destin Q., Markham

Client Testimonials

I have been always thinking to hire lawyers for my legal issues until I realized that some jobs can definitely be done by paralegals with less fees. In fact, I think your paralegal did a great job on my case. He knew what he was doing. I am positive. Thanks.



Eva Y., North York

Client Testimonials

I know Michael for long time. He is a very dedicate person and works very hard. The law itself won’t help you win your case, but the way you practice it does. My case could result very differently if I did not choose JUSLAW. I got what I wanted.



David D., Thornhill

About Us

JUSLAW is a committed and resourceful legal firm focused on the pursuit of justice.

Its Mission is to provide exemplary, caring and professional legal services to those who have been injured or harmed through the negligence or actions of others both financially or emotionally.
JUSLAW believes that everyone deserves access to Canada’s civil justice system so those wrongdoers are held accountable for their actions.

Providing best professional legal services with reasonable and affordable fees

JUSLAW’S goal is to be recognized as one of the few firms that must be considered for providing best professional legal services with reasonable and affordable fees for client’s litigation in GTA.
When someone asks his or her friends for the best legal service firm, JUSLAW wants to be on the short list.

JUSLAW value winning. In litigation there are winners and losers, and I do not sleep well when I lose.

JUSLAW value winning. In litigation there are winners and losers, and I do not sleep well when I lose. When clients hire legal representatives, they do not want someone to “handle” their cases; they want someone to win them. They want someone who hates losing at least as much as they love winning. Integrity: In fighting hard and winning for my clients, I play by the rules. Credibility is my stock in trade. JUSLAW don’t hide documents; mis-cite cases; mislead or twist the truth which I believe it is the only way.
Excellence: JUSLAW value excellence. I pride myself on my written work. First and foremost, as a legal professional, I recognize that my clients are best served if a case can be won without trial. Many cases are won during a mediation or settlement conference. JUSLAW balances excellence with cost-effectiveness, knowing that client’s matters and concerns are also mine at the ultimate end.

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