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Fees and Disbursements

Traffic Tickets
Traffic ticket -
There are many different types of traffic tickets such as speeding, careless driving, red light or stop sign offence. For each different type of offence, our legal fees may vary according to each individual scenario. – In general, JUSLAW fees for traffic tickets are not more than other legal services providers, but we commit to provide more professional services. – There will be not hidden fee charge against any type of traffic offence. – If you appeal your case after the first trial judgement, fees will be discussed separately

Small Claims Court
Small Claims Court Cases -
. We charge a flat fee for each stages of a small claim case. The stages including pleading, settlement conference and trial ( if there is one ) – The fee for each stage may vary based on the complexity and circumstances of a case – For stages other than the above mentioned three, fees will be discussed per case basis. – Overall charges of a small claim court case will add up to less than 13% of the total claim amount (exclude disbursement )

Personal injuries
Personal Injuries -
Every client will not need to pay anything until your claim is granted – If there is no compensation awarded to our client, you need to pay nothing to JUSLAW – Client will receive the claim amount less a certain percentage of legal fee at the end ( the percentage will be less than average rate of the industry )

Disbursements: It is very important for our clients to be aware that any legal fees do not include disbursement which is the expenses that JUSLAW may pay on behalf of clients. These expenses could include (but not limited to): court filing fee, fax or courier expanses, transportation expanses, witness or expert report etc.

*NOTE: All Real Estate law inquiries directed to Michael Fu and JusLaw Legal Services, will be referred to Fawad Siddiqui and Siddiqui Law Office -- Professional Corporation. Michael Fu is a paralegal whose permitted area of practice does not include Real Estate law. Neither Fawad Siddiqui nor employees of Siddiqui Law Office -- P.C. are employees or agents of JusLaw Legal Services. A referral fee may be paid to JusLaw Legal Services from fees collected by Siddiqui Law Office -- P.C. at no additional cost to the client!

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